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  CG-550 Rugged Series
 CG550 rugged - portable 3 inch piston pump and grout mixer gas hydraulic powered
CG-550 Skid Mounted Gas/Hydraulic Model Shown
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The CG550/030/A is a pneumatically powered, skid mounted cement grout plant consisting of one 44 gallon capacity vertical shaft paddle mixer and one CG-030 single acting piston type grout pump
The CG-550 Series grout machines are compact integral medium capacity grout mixing and pumping units with both mixer and pump mounted on a single skid frame
Single operator system - 45 gallon (170 liter) mixing tank, large holding hopper and centrally located controls allow a single operator to mix, transfer and pump for continuous production
CG550 rugged - portable 3 inch piston pump and grout mixer gas hydraulic powered
The CG-555 series grout machines are compact self-contained medium capacity grout mixing and pumping units with mixer, pump and primary power source all mounted on a sturdy, road worthy trailer frame
The trailer mounted CG-555 is a fully integrated system combining mixer, pump and power system, all in a single road worthy package
The ChemGrout CG-550 Rugged series includes both skid and trailer mounted grout plants.  These units feature a 45-gallon (170 liters) mixing tank, a large 30-gallon (113 liters) holding hopper and the popular single-acting 3" piston grout pump.  Each mixing tank is equipped with baffles, bag breakers and a variable speed high-efficiency paddle mixer that provides rapid grout mixing.  The tank outlet is a large slidegate that allows viscous grouting materials to flow quickly into the removable holding hopper.  The large holding hopper is sized to provide continuous pumping, the mixer is charged while the hopper feeds the pump, an optional 18-gallon (68 liter) hopper is available for thick pasty materials like repair mortars.  The grout pump is a 3" positive displacement, pulsating piston pump that disassembles with only a hammer for fast and thorough cleaning.  The rugged steel frame stands up to the toughest conditions on the job site.  Operator controls are centrally located for efficient production.  The trailer mounted unit is road and job site ready equipped with leaf springs, lights and a working platform.
Applications Include:
Civil Engineering - soil nails, tiebacks, earth anchors, cable and rock bolts
Structural - building restoration, foundation stabilization, foundation raising, soil compaction grouting
Construction - pavement undersealing , slabjacking and slab raising
Marine - underwater foundations, piers, breakers, shoreline foundations
Mining - tunnel lining, contact grouting, shaft waterproofing
Utilities - encasements, waterproofing, slope line grouting
Geotechnical - deep well casing, monitor wells, well sealing and abandonment
Benefits Include:
 Mixing Tank  Holding Hopper Max. Output
Max. Pressure
3" Piston Pump Air
45 Gallon
18 or 30 Gallon
16 GPM
400 PSI
3" Piston Pump Hydraulic
45 Gallon
18 or 30 Gallon
12 GPM
300 PSI
 Model Number
Skid Mounted Air Powered Grout Plant 
Requires 150 CFM, 100 PSI
64" L X 31" W X 56" H
490 lbs
Skid Mounted Hydraulic Powered Grout Plant 
Requires 2 Supplies, 9 GPM (Pump) and 6 GPM (Paddle), 2200 PSI each
64" L X 31" W X 56" H
450 lbs
Skid Mounted Diesel/Hydraulic Grout Plant 
20 HP Diesel Engine with Electric Start
78" L X 31" W X 56" H
1050 lbs
Skid Mounted Electric/Hydraulic Grout Plant 
Requires 230/460 V, 38/19 A, 3 Phase
78" L X 31" W X 56" H
955 lbs
Skid Mounted Gas/Hydraulic Grout Plant 
20 HP Gasoline Engine with Electric Start
78" L X 31" W X 56" H
955 lbs
Trailer Mounted Diesel/Hydraulic Grout Plant 
20 HP Diesel Engine with Electric Start
110" L X 68" W X 70" H
1495 lbs
Trailer Mounted Gas/Hydraulic Grout Plant 
20 HP Gasoline/Hydraulic Engine with Electric Start
110" L X 68" W X 70" H
1400 lbs
Power Options = Air, Hydraulic, Electric/Hydraulic, Gas/Hydraulic or Diesel/Hydraulic
Common Accessories Available with the CG550 Rugged Series
Equipped with inlet stainers, mounting bracket and shut-off valve, meters are available in 20 and 40 GPM flow rates, measurements in either liters or gallons
Gauge is equipped with quick disconnect fittings, includes a diaphragm seal that protects grout from contamination
Equipped with quick disconnect fittings, available in 25 and 50 foot lengths
Commonly used in slab jacking and void filling, comes complete with hose couplings, reinforced drive head and shut-off valve
Equipped with shut-off valve and a quick disconnect fitting
Quickly pulls out clips from pump housing
Water Meter
Protected Pressure
Grout Hose
Drive Packer
Mechanical Surface
Slide Hammer
Staple Remover
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