About Us


ChemGrout started in 1963 as grouting contractors providing cement and chemical grouting field services. Invaluable experience was gained in the field on over 350 projects, both large and small. This field experience enables us to understand your needs and recommend the proper equipment for your application.

ChemGrout equipment was originally designed for its own use. That is why the units are engineered and constructed for rugged field use, portability and low maintenance. Before long this unique equipment caught the attention of others. By 1969, the company began to sell and rent its grouting equipment to other contractors while maintaining its own field grouting work.

The field work was discontinued in 1978, so that the company could focus entirely upon the design and manufacture of grouting equipment. The concepts of mixer-pump balance, user-friendly operation and ease of maintenance are emphasized in the design of the grouting systems. Enough technology is incorporated to maximize efficiency, yet not so much as to compromise ease of operation or maintenance.

Each ChemGrout unit is designed for “balance” of grout delivery. Complete grouting units are always designed to allow the user continuous, non-stop grouting capability at published pumping rates for the unit. That is, the mixing tank is large and fast enough, and the storage hopper has a large enough capacity to keep the pump “fed” without interruption.

Today, ChemGrout manufactures a wide range of standard and custom built grouting equipment to handle a diverse range of materials and capacities from 1 to 75 GPM and pressures from 50 to 2000 PSI. High-pressure pumps handle pressures to 2000 PSI and flows to 50 GPM. Systems can be skid or trailer mounted with power options that include air, gasoline, diesel, electric and hydraulic.

Because we understand that service is as important as quality, ChemGrout maintains a large parts inventory and a staff of knowledgeable people to serve you.