Chart Key

General Comments:

Grout mixing and pump test results were performed at ChemGrout using a specially instrumented size 6 progressing cavity grout pump. The batches were mixed using the manufactures recommended mix ratios or the midpoint if a range was specified. We are listing the minimal pump for the material. The production rate required determines the correct mixer and pump size for a specific application.

Chart Key:

Manufacturer – The material manufacture, click to go to the manufacturer’s web site.
Material – The manufacture’s name for the material tested.
Application – The primary application specified by the manufacture for the material.
Test Results – The ChemGrout Pumpability Index┬«, click for detailed pump test results (need Adobe Acrobat).
Max. Distance – The maximum pumping distance as indicated by discharge pressure during testing.
Min. Pump – The minimum pump recommended by ChemGrout, see Pump Rating for details.